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About us

Girl Capital IPE

Globally, girls and women encounter significant barriers to advancing their rights and well-being. Especially during adolescence, girls are vulnerable to early marriage, a practice that drives early childbearing, dropping out of school, sexual exploitation, malnutrition, and domestic violence, posing threats to their sexual and reproductive health rights(SRHR).
Education, employment, and ownership rights of girls and women have a powerful influence on their ability to control their environment and contribute to economic development. Increased female labour force participation can eradicate poverty and significantly reduce inequality.
IPE Global is committed to supporting girls in becoming owners, planners, and decision-makers in the systems that govern their lives. To strengthen girl capital formation, we are focused on averting early marriages and delaying the age of the first pregnancy through the adoption of cross-sectoral and evidence-based efforts. 

To strengthen girl capital formation, at IPE Global we are prioritising impact through the following twin objectives:

  • Averting early marriages
  • Delaying age of first pregnancy

Our Focus Areas: These central objectives of our girl capital strategy are being met by focusing on the following pathways of change:

  • Keeping girls in school – Ensuring continued secondary education
  • Sexual and reproductive health education – Offering girls greater voice and agency to make their own sexual and reproductive health decisions
  • Vocational and skill-based education and employment – Ensuring economic liberty And through these all, we relentlessly pursue social norm change.

Our interventions thus far have translated into tangible benefits for the girls by facilitating scholarship access thereby mitigating financial barriers and ensuring their continued education. By connecting girls with vocational courses, skill education, and employment opportunities we are further enabling voice and agency for girls to negotiate their age of marriage and sexual and reproductive choices. Coupled with SRH interventions and parental counselling, these strategies have successfully supported averting of early marriages and teenage pregnancies.

Adolescent girls are some of the most marginalized and disempowered groups, not only as stakeholders but also as knowledge-bearers. At a tender age, when household and child-rearing responsibilities are shouldered on a girl, it creates a vicious cycle of malnutrition and health issues. By investing in adolescent girls, we can create agents of multi-generational change and economic impact. At IPE Global, we are committed to supporting girls in becoming owners, planners, and decision-makers in the systems that govern their lives.