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Globally, girls and women encounter significant barriers to advancing their rights and well-being. Especially during adolescence, girls are vulnerable to early marriage, a practice that drives early childbearing, dropping out of school, sexual exploitation, malnutrition, and domestic violence, posing threats to their sexual and reproductive health rights(SRHR).
Education, employment, and ownership rights of girls and women have a powerful influence on their ability to control their environment and contribute to economic development. Increased female labour force participation can eradicate poverty and significantly reduce inequality.
IPE Global is committed to supporting girls in becoming owners, planners, and decision-makers in the systems that govern their lives. To strengthen girl capital formation, we are focused on averting early marriages and delaying the age of the first pregnancy through the adoption of cross-sectoral and evidence-based efforts. 

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Key Projects

IPE Global aims to reimagine a world where girls have the skills and capacity to realise and achieve their full potential.



A 360-Degree Approach to Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy in Rajasthan..

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A pathbreaking project that aims to economically empower girls through participation in skill training and jobs...

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Our Impact


Early marriages prevented through keeping girls in school


Teenage pregenancy averted through keeping girls in school, SRH education to students and access to injectable contraceptives.

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